About me

John Bulwer. I"Anthropometamorphosis: Man Transform’d or The Artificial Changeling" (1653)
John Bulwer. I”Anthropometamorphosis: Man Transform’d or The Artificial Changeling” (1653)

Hello from me, Trav Travers, the astrological explorer himself.

This “Astrological Explorer” site is for traditional astrology and people wishing to learn about it.

It looks at various astrological areas such as Natal, Mundane, Electional and Horary astrology through the ages. All  astrology contained in the site is based on traditional astrological source texts and techniques.

I was introduced to astrology as a ‘wee laddie’ growing up in Scotland after finding out what the holes in the night sky were. The old lady next door was my first teacher and I’ve had a few since then. However, Barbara Dunn was responsible for my interest in Horary Astrology in 1990 and I became a devotee and advocate of traditional astrology as a result.

I give talks, hold workshops and continue to run my own traditional astrology group ‘The Astrological Explorers’ based in Brighton.

I have studied with many well known traditional astrologers but now I am an independent scholar who follows the works and teachings of the truly great astrologers from the past.